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1999 USATF Indoor Championships Photo Gallery
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA; Saturday, February 27

The start of the men's 60m dash, heat 4 prelim (left to right) John Drummond, David Oaks, Xavier Council, and Brian Lewis

Mario Russo gets ready for the 60m hurdles

The women's 60m hurdles heat 4 prelim Melissa Morrison is closest to the camera

Adam Goucher leading the men's 3000m. He won in 7:46.06.

Amy Acuff, who was second in the high jump to Tisha Waller, clears 1.93m

Sheila Hudson on the runway for the women's triple jump

Jeff Hartwig clears 5.92m, setting a new U.S. indoor record

Jill Zenner (left) and Joanne Dow duel in the 3000m Walk. Dow won in 12:44.90.

Jearl Miles-Clark, far left, comes around Shanelle Porter (352) and Michelle Collins (98) to win the 400m.

800m winner Meredith Valmon before running 2:00.55.

Debbie Marshall (291) leads in the early going of the women's 1500m.

At the second to last hurdle, eventual winner Reggie Torian already had a slight lead over Duane Ross, who came in second.

In the men's 800m (left to right), Al Royster, Khadevis Robinson, Brian Woodward, Rich Kenah, and Bradley Rogers. Robinson won in 1:48.60.

Early in the women's 3000m, winner Regina Jacobs was already in front. She was chased (left to right) by Laura Baker, Cathy Vasto, Maribel Sanchez, Donna Garcia, Jenna Rogers, Cheri Kenah, and Blake Phillips (partially obscured).

Regina Jacobs poses with a young admirer.

Karl Paranya and Terrance Herrington hold the early lead in the mile. David Krummenacker (far left) Ted Towle (yellow), Jason Pyrah (sunglasses) and Jason Lunn (far right) give chase.

Walt Murphy and Tom Hammond at the NBC announce position.

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Photos by David Monti

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