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2002 Columbus Marathon
Columbus, OH, USA -- 20-October

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The Ohio News Network (ONN) provided same day coverage statewide; and (r) the men's pack at 2 miles --from left: Sergey Fedotov (32), Jim Jurcevich (26), Dimitry Sivou (27), Elilo Resio, and Zablon Mokaya. Michael Korir is behind Sivou. Fedotov, Jurcevich, Mokaya and Korir ran together through 15 miles.


Ukrainian Lyudmila Pushkina (l) and Albina Ivanova of Russia forged ahead early, running just a few seconds apart through the half.


After making his break at 15 miles, Michael Korir (l) built a sizable lead ahead of Fedotov (r) by Mile 20.


Shooting for the Ukrainian national record, Pushkina (l) built a 40 second lead at 20 miles. Albinova (r), winner of the Dubai and Siberian International Marathons this year, in pursuit.


Visibly straining, Korir (l) dropped out just beyond the 23 Mile mark. Fedotov (r), in the final 50 meters, en route to his 2:18:05 win.


What time is it? -- For the 37-year-old Pushkina, time to cash the $25,000 course record bonus check after her 2:28:23 smashed Julie Isphording's 13-year-old course standard. Ivanova (r) lowered her personal best to 2:29:58, finishing second.


Churning out a sub-5:10 closing mile, hometown boy Jim Jurcevich finished second in 2:18:17, exactly three weeks after his marathon debut. Zablon Mokaya (r) ws third in 2:20:02.


Alena Vinitskaya of Belarus (pictured before the race) was third in 2:35:18, with Zhanna Malkova fourth in 2:37:24.

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