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2002 Chicago Marathon
Chicago, IL, USA --13-October

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The race's 25th anniversary attracted the largest media presence in recent memory, and (r) Paula Radcliffe on Friday afternoon


Radcliffe and Catherine Ndereba speak to a packed house at a pre-race event at Chicago's Niketown


Game Face - Paul Tergat (l) and Khalid Khannouchi prior to the start.


South African record holder Gert Thys was a pacer, Kayoko Obata (c) was seventh in 2:28:15, and (l) New Zealander Michael Aish (#16) leads the third pack at 12 miles -- from left to right: Josh Cox, Peter De La Cerda, Clint Verran, Kyle Baker and Ryan Shay


Paula and her escorts at mile 12. She lost her hat three miles later. Masako Chiba (r) wound up ninth in 2:34:36.

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