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2002 Chicago Marathon
Chicago, IL, USA --13-October

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Jen Rhines at 12 miles (l) was 14th in her debut in 2:41:16; Pacers Rod Dehaven (#P42) and Silvio Guerra (#P41) lead pack 2. Alan Culpepper (dark hat, blue singlet) is behind DeHaven.


Victors - The times may have been rounded up, but their dominance was clear. Khannouchi savors his fourth Chicago title, while Radcliffe shatters the World Record.

While both were timed at 2:06:16, Daniel Njenga (#29) edges Toshinari Takaoka for second. Two seconds later Paul Tergat crossed the line.


A quick breath, then joy for the 32-year-old Takaoka after knocking nearly three and a half minutes from his previous best. His 2:06:16 was also an Asian Record.


Ndereba was a distant runner-up in 2:19:26.


3rd and 4th - Yoko Shibui (l) was third in a personal best 2:21:22, while Svetlana Zakharova lowered her own Russian national record to 2:21:31, finishing fourth.


5th and 6th - Ever-consistent Abdelkhader El Mouaziz (l) posted another sub-2:07 to finish fifth in 2:06:46, while Alan Culpepper turned in an impressive debut effort of 2:09:41, finishing sixth.

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