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2002 European Athletics Championships
Munich, GER
06-11 August

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Rainy 10-Ks - Paula Radcliffe lowered the European record to 30:01.09 during her blistering solo effort, while Spaniard Josť Manuel Martinez (# 283 - 27:47.65) edged Dieter Baumann (#595 - 27:47.87) and Jose Rios (#294 - 27:48.29)

Wilson Kipketer won the 800 while Italy's Maria Guida was the victor in the marathon

Jolanda Ceplak (Left) added the outdoor 800 European title to her indoor crown, while Marta Dominguez claimed a narrow 15:14.76 victory in the 5000

Women's 800 - Germany's Claudia Gesell (left) was content with her fifth place finish in 2:00.51, while Brigita Langerholc, who finished fourth in the Sydney Olympics, didn't make the final cut in Munich

Steeplechase -- (top) Martin Proll (#33), Eliseo Martin (278), Simon Vroemen (#1086) and Vincent Le Dauphin (#455) jockeying for position.

Antonio Jimenez (#274) was the winner in 8:24.34; Simon Vroemen (#1086) was second in 8:24.45; Bouabdallah Tahri (#467) was fourth in 8:26.86

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