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RRW Marathon List Archive

2001 Top-100 World Marathon Lists

Sub-2:20/2:55; last updated 14-Aug-2001 for World Championships at Edmonton

2001 U.S. Marathon Lists
Sub-2:25/2:55; last updated 14-Aug-2001 for World Championshiups

2000 Top-100 World Marathon Lists
Last necessary update 11-Dec-2000 for the Honolulu Marathon

2000 U.S. Marathon Lists (Sub-2:25/2:55)
73 Male and 199 Female Entries as of 08-Jan-2001

2000 Canadian Marathon Lists (Sub-2:25/2:55)
7 Male and 26 Female Entries as of 11-Dec-2000

2000 Olympic Marathon "A" Qualifiers - Women
Updated 20-May-2000

2000 Olympic Marathon "A" Qualifiers - Men
Posted 19-May-2000

1999 Top-100 World Final Marathon Lists
Updated 27-Jan-2000

1999 U.S. Final Marathon Lists
Updated 23-Jan-2000

1999 Canadian Final Marathon Lists
Last Update 12-Jan-2000

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